Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Balm Meet Matt(e)

Happy wednesday to all!

L'm late on the banwagon about the Meet Matt(e), I was waiting for the price to get down. I bought mine on (a bidding site). I paid 15$ and regular price is about 36$.

L'm not gonna do swatches 'cause online there's plenty.

At first I was a little disappointed because I didn't find the colors all that pigmented especially Matt Ramirez and Matt Chung. But after a couple of tries, L'm not in love with this palette but I like it.

I think mixing these colors with eyeshadows that I already have will make it look better but on it's own it works. For me, it's a workday palette when I fell too tired to spend to much time on my face or a saturday running errands.

Here's on of the looks I did for work.
I used Matt Gallagher for the brows, Matt Chung on the eyelid and Matt Horowitz in the crease, it's a light look for work.

For the price that I paid I can't complain, I just wish they were a little bit more pigmented especially for my skin color I need color! Also I know in almost every palette there's a black but it would of been great to have one on this one especially if you travel with it.

L'm still gonna play with with my other eyeshadows and l'm sure I will appreciate the palette more!!