Monday, February 23, 2015

It's been awhile.... Back with new makeup

Hello everyone!

I haven't been blogging about makeup for one simple reason: I didn't buy makeup for a year. I know I should blog anyway but I felt like if I didn't buy anything it wasn't worth blogging. I'm not a makeup artist or have any clients, so buying 1000$ to 3000$ makeup a year just to show on my blog wasn't worth it and I didn't want to buy things and use it once.

I blog for me, I buy my stuff, I don't get anything from companies. I do it because I love makeup and even if I have 1 or 100 people reading my blog I'm happy.

So this year, I'll be buying some makeup. drugstore or high end and will continue to blog about it and sometimes do a get ready.

Let's get started.

I went to Sephora last week and bought some stuff but for now I'll show you one of them instead of all at the same time.

Smashbox Double Exposure (60.00$)

This palette has 14 eyeshadows (0.042 oz. each) and can become 28 just by adding water to them.

First row: Silver, Mauve, Peony, Blanc, Quartz, Flushed, Veiled
Second row: Midnight, Temper, Haze, Noir, Copper, Fig, Espresso

 Also included is a Full exposure deluxe mascara sample

 It also has a chart of what the eyeshadow will be like when you add water: deeper shade, metallic or sparkle look.

 First row without flash

 With flash

 Second row without flash

 With flash

 It also comes with a how-to look which I forgot to take a picture of.
I haven't played with it that much but I like it. It's pigmented, I only tried it dry and with my skin tone it shows a lot. the names are photography references.  I will do some pictures of my looks in the coming weeks.

I also bought this great book on the Chapters website

500 Eye-makeup designs by  Kendra Stanton who is a makeup artist (17.55$ cdn)

It's basically all different eye designs for people who want to create new looks, either for day, night, sport teams colors, look like a movie star, movie makeup like the Hunger games, Halloween, Holidays and many more. Here's some examples (sorry the book is pretty new so the pages were closing so my fingers are in plain view!):

 I can't wait to try some and to take pictures. My only negative thing is that she doesn't say the colors that she choose but I think the main idea is to check your makeup and try to find the exact or similar eyehadows.

That's it for now but will be back soon!

Take care!