Friday, August 30, 2013

J'adore August 2013

Hi everyone!

Here are the products I adored this August. Most of the products were things I had before august and one new.

Cover Girl Sierra sands blush

It's a nice peach rose color with a little bit of color and you don't need too much on your cheeks.

Beauty Blender Solid

This is incredible for cleaning your beauty blender. You put a little water and srub gently and it beacomes so clean like it's almost new.

Simple foaming cleanser

So soft on the face and it you don't need a lot.

Renewing Moroccan argan oil weightless healing oil.

It leaves a nice shine on your hair and it's not greasy, which is a good thing!

BH Cosmectics anti-serum

My face is less greasy in the afternoon even on days that the hunidity is horrible and it's not expensive (15$) and you don't need a lot.

Sigma E47 crease shader

Ahhhh why did I wait to get this one. I bought the performance eye kit but this one is my fave. It glides and blends so great. Great, great brush.

Rimmel Lash accelator

Makes my lashes look longer and no clumps!

Revlon lip butter Creme brulee

Great brown nude lip butter goes well when i do a smokey look with

NYX One night in Morroco

I love the colors, it's more in the brown/ taupe smokey look with some black and grey. Any mix work so well.

Coastal Scents Sunset cruise sample

I bought the smokey palette and I got his as a sample. Beautiful and pigmented.

Avon Mega Effects mascara

I've been using it for only a week but had to include it because i liked it a lot. It's a small bity thing but worth the 12$. Can use it on any side without smudging. L'm sure some companies will copy this one!

Tv show Broadchurch (BBC or showcase)

It's a British show about a 11 year old who dies in a very small village. everybody knows everybody so for 8 episodes you keep thinking you know who the killer is but you get the suprise. The season finale was incredible very emotional. There is suppose to be an American version, I hope the don't mess it up.

Well that's it for the month. I bought some new stuff online this week so l'm sure some will be a part of my september favorites!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drugstore Haul

Hello to all!

I love going to the drugstore a week day during dinner time when it's almost empty and you have the store all to yourself and browse. That's what I did yesterday after work and bought some stuff ( I was going for only one thing!)

There was L'Oreal Youth Code sale and I wanted to try some of the products

L'Oreal Youth Code serum corrector (23.99$)
fades dark spots

L'Oreal Youth Code day cream (23.99$) - dark spot sorrecting and illuminating skincare

L'Oreal Youth Code Youth rejuvenating skincare day/night creme (23.99$) - reduces signs of stress, fatigue and aging

L'Oreal revitalif Miracle Blur (28.99$) - *Blurs wrinkles, lines ans pores*

Vichy Loboratories 3 in 1 One step cleaner (19.89$) - Cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover. I love, love this product. I stopped using this product to try other things but nothing for me was comparable. It's so smooth and leaves you face so soft.

Organix Moroccan curling perfection defining cream (8.99$) - I use this product when I leave my hair curly. It's not heavy and your hair stays curly all day and soft.

Nicole by OPI Modern Family nail polish (7.99$)

What's the Mitch-Uation (metallic blue)
Candid Cameron (metallic emerald)

Elegance sock bun (3.99$) - for when I have my hair straight and have a high bun

And the one thing I was suppose to only buy

Cosmetics pads lint free (3.29$) - It's lint free (I hope), I just hae it when I use my eye remover or my toner and having some pads stuck on my face.

I have to work on my favorites of the month, and I orderes some stuff (Sugarpill, Nyx, Lorac etc..) that I will be sharing in the next couple of weeks!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little Black Dress Organizer

Happy sunday to all!

Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Just wanted to show you what I bought this weekend.

Umbra Little black dress organizers

Hanging scarf organizer (36.25 in. price 20.00$)

My scarfs are hanging all over and I hated that so this is just perfect.

It has 26 holes which is great to also put my belts and also an excuse yo buy more scarves!

Hanging jewelry organizer (42 in. price 20.00$)

It has 39 pockets and on the other side it has 24 loops. The pockets are large enough to hols big bracelets.

I have an old one and I didn't what to do with it but it dwan on me that I could use it for my bobby pins, headsbands cause everyhting is in a drawer and it's a mess to llok for my hair stuff!

Have a great day and a great start of the week!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Very, very small Haul: Avon

Happy TGIF!

I bought some Avon stuff

I bought the Mega effects mascara (12.00$). For the pas couple of weeks I read some mixed reviews about this one. I've been using it for the past couple of days and I like it. My only problem is for the size it's a little bit expensive but I will repurchase it.

Totally kissable lipstick (2 for 7.98$)

 Caressing Coral. It's looks orange but on my hand it's more of a pink. I have't tried it yet. L'm going shoe shopping tommorow, I'll try it with a natural smokey look.

Deep Orchid. I wore it today and I love it. The color, the feel. It;s very hydrating and it stays pretty long on the lips.

It's friday, time to relax!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Face of the day: Wet n wild I got blue jeans

Hello everyone!

It's thursday, one more work day till the weekend! I decided to wear Wet n wild I got blue jeans trio. My favorite color is blue so this was an easy choice to wear today.

I also used the Covergirl clean whipped creme, L'Oreal gel eyeliner, a blue pencil by Personnelle, Bh Cosmetics eye primer, Mac's Viva Glam III lipstick and Nyx Stay matte spray ( I really really like this spray it works!)

Here what it looks like without and with glasses

Thanks and have a great one!