Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Haul: Rimmel, Avon, Jordana

Hello everyone!

Last week I went to the drugstore and my boyfriend saw the Rimmel Galm Eyes HD and he asked me how come I don't buy them, at almost 7$ each I jsut thought it was a little too expensive for a little eyeshadow kit. Later that night I went online to the Beauty joint website and they were 2.99$! what a big price difference! So I bought 5 ( I already own two before that).

 Left to right: English oak (brown/beige), Royal blue (navy, light bue), Green park (green/brown/champagne), True Union Jack (blue/magenta/grey/silver) and Heart of gold (gold/brown/bronze/champagne) I will do a review/swatches soon.

On Cherry culture I bought the Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencils (3.99$)

 Stay on black, Aqua last, Endless emerald, Tenacious brown, Prolong purple.
Very smooth and pigmented.

NYX stay on matte but not flat foundation in Chestnut (7,50$) review coming soon.

 I bought 6 Ultra color lipsticks (10$/each)

Demure: pinkish beige
Brown suede: brown with red undertone
Vixen: deep purple (great for fall)
Cashmere: milk chocolate brown
Vamp: dark mauve
Tangerine: very bright/vibrant orange

So far I tried the cashmere and the vixen and I really like them, very smooth.

Don't forget that there's a 40% off sale on Cherry culture this week. I bought some 9 Jordana blushes they are 2.49, after the rebate it came to 13.41$ for all nine, that's a bargain.!

Next week I will have some reviews (Rimmel eyeshadows, Maybelline Fitme foundation stick and maybe more!)

Lorac Pro palette first try

Good day!

This is my first try using the Lorac Pro palette.. The colors are very pigmented and smooth

Taupe on lid
Sable and slate on crease
Cream on browbone

Second look

Light pink on lid
Pewter and Deep purple in crease
Nude on browbone

I really like this palette. The colors are pigmented very neutral. Good for work and just for going out to do some shopping. The primer is very good. It's a nude color, goes on smooth and I can say that the colors don't move for a good 12 hours. I have to check how much the primer is, if it's not too expensive I might buy the regular size.

I haven't tried all the colors but so far it's in the same caliber as my two naked palettes that I adore.

NYX limited 6 jumbo pencils

L'm a big fan of NYX products but the only way to buy them is online. Next week the first Target is opening in Montreal (finally!) and I heard they carry the brand but will it be available in Montreal? I hope so!

I bought this limited jumbo pencils collection on Ebay (17.99$ US). It's their best selling pencils in one collection. I already have the white one and for a base it's the bomb!

Electric Blue
Black Bean
Sparkle nude
Iced mocha

Very creamy and pigmented. Good for eyeliner, eyeshadow base or eyeshadow

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First impression - Cleansing oil

L'm a big fan of Youtube and a lot of things makeup wise came from there.

I saw some people talk about cleansing oil. I wanted to try one but not a full bottle in case I breakout. I found one on the ebeauty site (

It's the DHC deep cleansin oil (1 oz for 5.50$)

On the website it states:

The Basics: A hydrating, skin-nourishing cleanser. 

Why You'll Love It: This water-soluble formula removes excess oil, makeup, dirt, and other pore-clogging impurities. It nourishes and hydrates skin with olive oil and vitamin E, and it rinses completely clean for soft, smooth skin. 

I tried it and let me tell you that it worked. It removed everything even my 50 thousand layers of mascara! It's very light and even though it feels oily on the face and hands, the water removes it without any problems

I still washed my face after with my regular cleanser but I could see that my makeup was no more on my face.

They have three sizes: 1 oz for 5.50$, 2.3 oz. for 14$ and 6.7 oz. for 29$.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sugarpill - Burning heart

Hi everyone!

Just a little eye look I tried with my Sugarpill Burning heart. My first try.

Buttercupcake: inner corner lid
Love+: middle lid
Flamepoint: outer corner
Poison Plum: Crease
Nyx smokey palette cream shade: browbone

Monday, September 9, 2013

BH Cosmetics - Eyes on the 60's and Take me to Brazil


I just received them this afternoon didn't have time to swatch

Eyes on the 60's: 30 eyeshadows matte and shimmer, a lot of blues, purples, pinks

Take me to Brazil: 30 eyeshadows very vibrant blues, yellows, greens and oranges and one white iridescent and a matte black.

It's going to be fun to try them. They are not really autumn colors but who cares! I usually wear any colors any season.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Haul: Drugstore, Ebay, Beauty Joint, Ebeauty

Hello everyone!

Is it just me but this weekend went super fast, it's already sunday!

I bought some goodies. L'm making my month of september my last spending until Christmas, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be posting new stuff and until december it's going to be mostly reviews and looks.


Rimmel Glam Eyes HD (4.89$)

Purple Reign (purple, blue, silver)
Black Cab (shimmmer black, silver, grey)

I tried the Purple Reign, it's nice but some colors are hard to reach with a regular brush so I had to use an angle brush. I found out on they were 2.99 so I bought 5 more will show you when I receive them next week.

L'Oreal Color riche eyeshadow  Love to hate me no. 213 (7.99)
Blue navy, white shimmer, grey and a brown matte.
I saw a lot of reviews about the Color riche quad mostly negative. This is my third one and I love the colors.

Covergirl LipPerfection lipstick (559$)
Smokey (shimmery brown)
Entwined (light prune/pink)
Enamor (reddish brown)

I love the Covergirl lipstick, they are silky, moisturing and the colors are so vibrant. I now have 7 of them and for sure they will be in my 2013 favorites!


Lorac Pro palette ( 52$)

I've wanted to buy this palette for so long but I was hesitant. Some reviews onlune were saying that if you had the Naked palette you didn't need this one. I have both Naked palettes and this one is totally different. Half shimmers and half mattes can't wait to try all the colors! Plus it cam with a primer.

Ebeauty (

Ebeauty is a website that's kinda like the middle man. You buy from them and they order from the supplier to be sent directly to your house. They are a lot of brands on the site (most of them I never heard of).

Mareadesso cleansing cloth (10$)

It's a soft cleansing cloth that will remove your makeup (even mascara), exfoliant and toner.

Curly hair Solution Extenzz 60 ml (8.50$)
To help control frizz and shrinking of culrs. I bought a small bottle to see what it would do to my curls.

I love Cosmetics Vanilla ice cream smoothie body gel (10$)
It smells so good!!!

Beauty joint

Beauty joint now have Sugarpill so I bought some 

Single eyeshadow (12$)

Afterparty (blue)
Bulletproof (black)

Burning Heart palette (34$)

Flamepoint, buttercupcake, love+, Poison Plum

Heart Breaker Palette (34$)

Acid Berry
2 am

Cold Chemistry Collection (34$)

Soot and Stars
Diamond eyes
Elemental chaos

Milani Eyeshadow primmer in nude (6.99$)
Heard great stuff about it.

NYX Eyeshadow base (7$)
White and nude.

Have a lot of stuff to try!!