Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Makeup Geek eyeshadows

Hello everyone!

Last month I bought m very first eyeshadows from the Makeup geek website (www.makeupgeek.com).

I bought 15 with a Z palette (well 14 'cause I bought one twice by error but I forgive myself, it's a nice color).
A lot of people compare the to Mac eyeshadows, I can't because I don't own any Mac. They are 5.99$ and the compacts are 7.99$.

They are so pigmented, smooth and the blend so well. I have some swatches but I will not give a description because the website gives a beautiful one and they have the Mac and Makeup Gekk side by side for some of them.

 I don't put primer before, my reason is when you try it in a store you don't have a primer on your hand and in my opinion I want to see how the shadow looks like in it's 'natural' state!

Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Chicadee, Vanilla Bean, Taupe Notch

Mango Tango, Cupcake, Unexpected, Purple Rain, Stealth

Duchess, Boo Berry, Peacock, Dirty Martini

I used Creme brulee in the browbone, Cocoa bear as transition, Boo berry in the crease and Cupcake in the eyelid.

This brand will definitely be in my fav of 2013 and I will buy more because it's so popular that it took me awhile to buy them since a lot are out of stock!