Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review - Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD eyeshadows

Hey everyone!

Last month I purchased some Rimmel glam eyes HD eyeshadows on the Beauty joint website ( They were 2.99$ and in my nearest drugstore they cost 7.99$

First row: Heart of gold, Royal blue, Purple reign, Tue union Jack
Bottom: Green park, English oak, Black cab.

Here's a swatch of  True union jack

They are all shimmers except for the crease colors, which is a little more matte. Great varieties of color choices, very pigmented and they glide very well.

The downside of these eyeshadows is that for the lid colors it's the big cross for the other colors it's these little corners so you need to use an angle brush to take the shades out properly.

Here's what English oak looks like, it's shimmer but it doesn't show much in the photo. and it comes out on me very neutral

Have a great start of the week!