Sunday, October 20, 2013

My first Inglot Eyeshadows palette / Sally Hanson nail polish

Hello everyone!

In Montreal we only have one Inglot store and it's downtown. I don' really go downtown that often (1-2 times a year) and everytine I go there it's pack with people. I was so happy to see that now we could buy Inglot in Canada online.

At first I only wanted to buy a three palette, then changed my mind and decided on 10, but I finally decided to go half way and buy a 5 eyeshadows palette.

Their eyeshadows don't have names only numbers.

I bought the rainbow eye shadows which is three shades (light to dark) of the same color.

102: Light brown/beige, has a little bit of orange undertone
112: Brown shades
104: Teal more green shades
135: Teal satin
110: Blue shades

I did a quick look with the brown shades no 112 and paired it with Va Va Violte from Revlon

Since it's fall l'm wearing Sally Hansen Salon manicure  Pat on the back nail polish this week. It's a beautiful deep dark plum. I've had this polish for more than two years and I jsut love wearing it during the fall/winter months!

Have a great start of the week!

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