Sunday, December 8, 2013

REVIEW - Inky Minky Lashes

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys has a great weekend. Bought the Simcity limited edition yesterday. It is one of my favorite games. Like the Sims, you decie what you want, build your cities, which to me is hours of imagination. I have to be careful cause I can get lost in it for hours.

On to my review

I received my Inky Minky lashes (‎)on thursday. I bought two: Doe-eyed and Coy Cutie. There are  100% mink lashes. They are from Zabrena who has the beautiful site ( By the way I bought them with my own money, well everything I show on my blog I paid unless it's a gift from family, boyfriend or a friend.

I love falses lashes but some that I bought before (I won't name names), I feel they are too heavy, stiff and a little bit cheap.

These ones are very light, easy to put on. On friday I wore Doe-eyed for more than 12 hours and the felt  comfortable.

Some might think that the price is a little too much (19.95$ I paid for each) but like the website says, if you take care of them they can last 25-30 wears which to me with the synthetic ones I would wear them 4-5 times and would pay 7-8$.

 My real lashes

With Doe-eyed lashes

Coy cutie with makeup

I wear glasses and they didn't bother my, didn't touch my glasses.They felt great, they are lovely lashes. Will I repurchase again? for sure. She did a good job with thses lashes and she will have synthetic ones coming in January, I will buy some and also do a review on them!

Have a good one!

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