Sunday, September 8, 2013

Haul: Drugstore, Ebay, Beauty Joint, Ebeauty

Hello everyone!

Is it just me but this weekend went super fast, it's already sunday!

I bought some goodies. L'm making my month of september my last spending until Christmas, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be posting new stuff and until december it's going to be mostly reviews and looks.


Rimmel Glam Eyes HD (4.89$)

Purple Reign (purple, blue, silver)
Black Cab (shimmmer black, silver, grey)

I tried the Purple Reign, it's nice but some colors are hard to reach with a regular brush so I had to use an angle brush. I found out on they were 2.99 so I bought 5 more will show you when I receive them next week.

L'Oreal Color riche eyeshadow  Love to hate me no. 213 (7.99)
Blue navy, white shimmer, grey and a brown matte.
I saw a lot of reviews about the Color riche quad mostly negative. This is my third one and I love the colors.

Covergirl LipPerfection lipstick (559$)
Smokey (shimmery brown)
Entwined (light prune/pink)
Enamor (reddish brown)

I love the Covergirl lipstick, they are silky, moisturing and the colors are so vibrant. I now have 7 of them and for sure they will be in my 2013 favorites!


Lorac Pro palette ( 52$)

I've wanted to buy this palette for so long but I was hesitant. Some reviews onlune were saying that if you had the Naked palette you didn't need this one. I have both Naked palettes and this one is totally different. Half shimmers and half mattes can't wait to try all the colors! Plus it cam with a primer.

Ebeauty (

Ebeauty is a website that's kinda like the middle man. You buy from them and they order from the supplier to be sent directly to your house. They are a lot of brands on the site (most of them I never heard of).

Mareadesso cleansing cloth (10$)

It's a soft cleansing cloth that will remove your makeup (even mascara), exfoliant and toner.

Curly hair Solution Extenzz 60 ml (8.50$)
To help control frizz and shrinking of culrs. I bought a small bottle to see what it would do to my curls.

I love Cosmetics Vanilla ice cream smoothie body gel (10$)
It smells so good!!!

Beauty joint

Beauty joint now have Sugarpill so I bought some 

Single eyeshadow (12$)

Afterparty (blue)
Bulletproof (black)

Burning Heart palette (34$)

Flamepoint, buttercupcake, love+, Poison Plum

Heart Breaker Palette (34$)

Acid Berry
2 am

Cold Chemistry Collection (34$)

Soot and Stars
Diamond eyes
Elemental chaos

Milani Eyeshadow primmer in nude (6.99$)
Heard great stuff about it.

NYX Eyeshadow base (7$)
White and nude.

Have a lot of stuff to try!!