Sunday, August 11, 2013

Perricone MD Blue Plasma

Hello Sunday!

Since the month of May, I've been having some problems with my face. A lot of dry skin was showing up which I've never had before. Putting on foundation especially around my lips was turning to a nightmare. It was all dry, tight, peeling and on top of that, dark spots were appearing, which with foundation made it worst. I tried everything (Eucerin, Cetaphil) nothing was working. I was watching a video on Youtbe (crystalis007) and she was talking about one of her favortite things Perricone MD Blue Plasma 

It's a non-acidic daily peel without redness or irritation. This liquid treatment works  to attack only dead skin cells. No rinsing needed. Apply and follow with your daily skincare regimen.

I put it on at night (3 drops is enough) and after a week I could see the difference, I had no more dry skin, my skin is so smooth. After one month, my dark spots are fading slowly but it's working.

it's a expensive, I bought an 1 ounce bottle on Ebay for 40$, the 2 oz. is 95$ at Sephora. After one month of usage, l'm not even at the halway mark.

Would I repurchase theis product? A definite yes!

Have a good start of the week!